How long is our service?  

Our service is an hour-long. After service to connect with each other at our morning tea. A  great way of connecting with people and understand our fellowship better!

What happens at a service? 

A typical service at Living Word Church we will have a time of singing (we call it worship) and a relevant message based on a Biblical text. We focus on Jesus and teach messages that can be put into practice right away. It’s not boring and it’s not religious!

​Will I be singled-out as a guest? 

No. We want you to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible! You will not be singled-out or embarrassed. That being said, we do want to connect with you, hear your story, and help you take the next step with Jesus. We have a simple connect card that you will have an opportunity to fill and we can connect with you.

On Sundays: Church in SDA building.   

We ONLY use the building on Sundays and we ARE PART from a different denomination. The Adventists are not using their building on Sundays as they have church on Saturdays.

During the week: Church activities at Family Church building.

As we are currently don’t have our OWN building, Family Church graciously allows us to use their building for some church and community activities during the week and on Sunday evenings.

Do you have small groups?   

Yes! We call them Connect Groups and they meet throughout the week all over the community. Odds are there’s a Connect Group near you! At Connect Groups we share life, laughter, and discuss apart from the Bible together

Our church is part of Southern Cross Association of Churches (SCAC) 

Who and what is Southern Cross Association of Churches (SCAC) ?

Southern Cross Association of Churches (SCAC) is not a denomination.  To a lot of people, that can be somewhat confusing as we are denominationally programmed, whereas SCAC is a network of independent churches and ministries.  For some people that does take a bit of getting our head around.  Interestingly though, from the government perspective we are a denomination as we have to be to allow our pastors/ministers to be (marriage) celebrants. See website Who we are,  Our values, Faith statement,

SAC brochure

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